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What are Mood Swings?

A mood swing is the condition of rapidly changing moods swinging back and forth between Joy and Depression (happy and sad.) Mood swings effects a persons ability to function at their maximum efficiency, because they are being controlled by their emotions.


Causes of Mood Swings

  • Hormonal Imballance or disorder
  • Premenstrual syndome (PMS)
  • Menopause

Acupuncture Treats Mood Swings


Acupuncture effectively deals with mood swing with a balancing approach. Through analizing symptoms your acupuncturist can detirmine what is your effective treatment. In the body there are several different Endocrine Organs that deal with the secretion of hormones. Once identifying which endrocine system is out of balance your acupuncturist will select certain acupuncture points related to your hormonal imballance.

Acupuncture Vs Western Medicine

In Western medicine, doctors usually prescribe various anti-depressants and mood controllers. They negatively effect the digestive primary and secondary organs. These medicines come with potential side-effects, and do not train the body to balance its emotional state.

In Acupuncture treatment your physiscian, will use Acupuncture and chinese herbs to balance your hormonal/emotional state. There are no harmfull effects from this treatment.

Acupuncture therapy aids to balance the body so the Pineal Gland secretes the proper amounts of Melatonin to regulate sleep.


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